Internet Explorer Browser Settings
Module 8 - Internet Explorer Internet Options

internet_optionsInternet Explorer’s Internet Options consists of 7 tabs for configuring General, Security, Privacy, Content, Connections, Programs, and Advanced settings.

For instance, under the General tab, you can manage your home page, browsing history, search, tabs, and appearance.

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  • General: Home Page, Browsing History, Search, Tabs, Appearance
  • Security: Security Zones, Security Levels,
  • Privacy: Internet Zone, Location, Pop-up Blocker, InPrivate
  • Content: Parental Controls, Content Advisor, Certificates, AutoComplete, Feeds and Web Slices
  • Connections: Internet Connection wizard, Dial-up and VPN settings, Proxy Server settings, LAN settings
  • Programs: Set Default Web Browser, Manage add-ons, HTML Editing, Internet Programs
  • Advanced: MiscĀ  Advanced settings (Accelerated Graphics, Accessibility, Browsing, HTTP 1.1 settings, International, Multimedia, Security), Reset Internet Explorer settings

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