Module 8 – Malware Prevention
Module 8 - How to Stop Drive-By Downloads

Stop Drive-by DownloadsEven with the most recent, fully patched and updated versions of your browser and security software, malware can still wheedle its way onto your PC. For an added level of protection while surfing, download and install a program that locks out all attempts to alter your system. The free Sandboxie and DropMyRights utilities take different approaches to PC lockdowns, but both are effective.

I’ve seen systems infected that have various anti-virus and anti-spyware products running so the standard defenses do not prevent these attacks. I’ve even had them come up on my own personal machine – but I know enough to just kill the browser process before the infection takes hold. Most of my customers however, click the buttons on the scareware windows which just allows the thing to take root.

For best results, view the video above in “Full Screen”.

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